Driving Record Report Request

You are entitled to a FREE Report if a company takes adverse action against you based on information from the report provided by MVRcheck.com. Examples of an adverse action include declining your application for insurance, terminating your insurance policy, raising insurance rates, declining an auto rental or denying your employment. Please note that you must request your report within sixty (60) days of receiving notice of the adverse action.

MVRcheck.com can ONLY provide a copy of your report if your driving record was requested by one of its client companies with whom you have applied for employment or insurance, or with whom you are currently employed.

Report Request Process:

☑️ The applicant must submit their report request by completing the Driving Record Report Request Form.

NOTICE: You must attach a legible copy of your drivers license for proof of identity.

☑️ Once the request has been received, MVRcheck will determine if the request is valid and that the drivers record was processed via our system.

☑️ If the request is valid, MVRcheck will respond via email within 30 days.

MVR ALERTOur records come directly from the State DMV and the FMCSA. If you feel that your driving record is not accurate, you will need to contact your State DMV to submit a dispute request. For PSP records, you will need to contact the FMCSA to submit a Request for Data Review. For more information Click Here