Traffic Court Check | Court Record Violations

The Traffic Court Check provides county court record details of an individuals driving history. This check will show pending violations and convictions NOT reported on the State MVR. In addition, this check will show violation details and any assessed fees. This check should be ordered as a supplement to the State MVR Report for comprehension. State MVRs can be hard to comprehend with all the different state codes and abbreviations which is why a Traffic Court Check Report can help you better understand the drivers record.


Why Order Court Check?

Find any pending violations and convictions
Get violation and accident details
Historical suspension data (some states only)
Get violation fees
See court adjudication details (ie probation info, suspension, etc)
Realtime Search (23 States Available)
Cost effective 7 Year Report
Supplements a State MVR

Search Fee: $16.95 per County

Report Time: 3 Business Days