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StateYears ReportedReport TimePrice
Alabama3 YRInstant$17.95
Alaska3 YRInstant$19.95
Arizona3 YRInstant$15.95
Arizona5 YRInstant$18.95
Arkansas3 YRInstant$19.95
Arkansas (CDL Only)5 YRInstant$22.95
California3 YRInstant$15.95
Colorado7 YRInstant$13.95
Connecticut3 YRInstant$29.95
CDLIS Check----Instant$9.95
Delaware3 YRInstant$34.95
District of Columbia (DC)3 YRInstant$25.95
District of Columbia (DC)10YRInstant$29.95
Florida 3 YRInstant$18.95
Florida7 YRInstant$20.95
Georgia 3 YRInstant$17.95
Georgia7 YRInstant$19.95
Hawaii3 YRInstant$33.95
Idaho3 YRInstant$20.95
Illinois3 YRInstant$22.95
Indiana3 YRInstant$18.95
Iowa3 YRInstant$18.95
Kansas3 YRInstant$19.95
Kentucky3 YRInstant$15.95
Louisiana3 YRInstant$25.95
Maine 3 YRInstant$18.00
Maine10 YRInstant$22.95
Maryland3 YRInstant$19.95
Massachusetts3 YRInstant$19.00
Michigan3 YRInstant$19.95
Minnesota5 YRInstant$16.95
Mississippi3 YRInstant$22.95
Missouri3 YRInstant$15.95
Montana3 YRInstant$18.00
Nebraska3 YRInstant$15.00
Nevada3 YRInstant$18.00
New Hampshire3 YRInstant$20.95
New Jersey3 YRInstant$20.95
New Mexico3 YRInstant$15.95
New York3 YRInstant$18.00
New York (CDL Only)7 YRInstant$19.00
North Carolina7 YRInstant$19.00
North Dakota3 YRInstant$15.00
Ohio3 YRInstant$17.95
Oklahoma3 YRInstant$39.95
Oregon3 YRInstant$19.95
Pennsylvania10 YRSame Day$24.95
Rhode Island3 YRInstant$30.95
South Carolina 3 YRInstant$16.95
South Carolina10 YRInstant$18.95
South Dakota3 YRInstant$16.95
Tennessee3 YRInstant$18.95
Texas 3 YRInstant$18.95
Texas (CDL Only)5 YRInstant$20.95
Utah3 YRInstant$19.95
Utah (CDL Only)5 YRInstant$22.95
Vermont3 YRInstant$25.00
Virginia3 YRInstant$18.00
West Virginia3 YRInstant$20.95
Wisconsin3 YRInstant$17.00
Washington3 YRInstant$20.95
Wyoming 3 YRInstant$15.95
Wyoming (CDL Only)10 YRInstant$18.95
Ontario3 YRInstant$29.95
British Columbia3 YR14 Bus. Days.$32.95
Crash & Inspection3/5 YRSame Day$19.95
DOT - Urine5 Panel3 to 5 Bus. Days$69.95
NON-DOT - Urine5 Panel3 Bus. Days$59.95
DOT Alcohol - BreathBAT3 Bus. Days$59.95
DOT PhysicalExam3 Bus. Days$109.95
Random TestingPool ManagerAnnual Fee$99.95 (1 to 100)
$179.95 (101 to 200)
$269.95 (201 to 300)
$379.95 (301 to 500)
DOT Verifications3 YR3 Bus. Days$16.95 ea.
Online ApplicationForm3 Bus. Days$FREE
DQ FILE MANAGERAdd-On Subscription
1 - 5 DriversNANA$29.95 mo
6 - 50 DriversNANA$49.95 mo
51 to 100 DriversNANA$69.95 mo
101 to 150 DriversNANA$99.95 mo
151 to 200NANA$129.95 mo
201 to 250NANA$159.95 mo
251 to 300NANA$189.95 mo
Managed PlanNANA$5 per driver (mo)
Note: DQF subscription pricing does NOT include MVR Reporting Fees.

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