MVR QuickAPP - Driver Applicant Tracking

MVR Quick APPMVRcheck provides a FREE automated e-sign feature with all client accounts called QuickApp which allows a secure ordering link to be emailed or texted to the applicant. The applicant enters their own background check information and electronically signs the release forms thereby saving the employer time.

QuickApp is a mobile friendly form that the applicant can complete from any device. The employer can easily track and manage all applicants from their online account. Once the applicant completes the form the system automatically processes the required searches and notifies the employer.

Employers can streamline the application process by providing a simple, powerful and customizable online job application form when using QuickApp PRO. MVRcheck will customize the process per client requirements (setup fee applies).


QuickApp is an easy to use feature within all business accounts when placing your search orders. Simply enter your applicants name and email address and click SEND! The Applicant will receive a secure link to enter their own MVR background information and e-sign the release form. You will be notified that the QuickAPP was completed and the MVR order was automatically completed. We can configure several options via the feature such as: Send the MVR order to Review Status before processing as well as charging the applicant for their mvr order.

QuickApp PRO provides more flexibility and customization than QuickAPP. We can customize the entire MVR background application per client requirements. PRO can serve as a job board system for multiple jobs within your company. PRO automates the entire process including the job application, e-signing the release, uploaded documents and processing the MVR order. Upon request, we customize the application and provide you with a link to place on your website. (Setup Fee Applies)


QuickApp PRO Features:

Secure Online Background Application.
Collect personal identifiers directly from applicant.
Reduce exposure to discrimination lawsuits and identity theft.
View, process and print applications in real-time.
Mobile friendly Responsive Form.
Avoid transcription and duplicate order entry errors.
Automatic email notifications on status of each applicant.

Once your account has been established you will have access to QuickAPP.