MVR Monitoring – Driver Record Monitoring System

MVR Monitoring

MVR Monitoring | Driver Record Monitoring

The MVRcheck Driver Record Monitoring system is a powerful yet simple online tool that continuously monitors employee driving records. It automatically checks individual MVRs for new violations; helping you pinpoint high-risk drivers to modify driving behavior, reduce accidents, and decrease organizational costs. Ultimately making safer drivers and limiting risk. Get instant MVR Driver Alerts.

It’s a fact — 20% of your employees will be involved in an accident or receive a citation this year, greatly increasing the risk of potential litigation for your company. In addition, the courts are now dictating that you need to know the status of every driver, all the time. This makes the traditional annual driving records review inadequate at best, since a lot can happen over the next 364 days. Being able to rapidly identify high-risk drivers is the single most effective tool in reducing preventable incidents — and potentially expensive lawsuits.

MVR Monitoring is the foundation of the Driver Risk Management solution as it automates the way you manage your commercial and non-commercial drivers. It manages all driver data and automatically checks for new violations, DUI/DWI convictions, invalid licenses, and approaching license or medical certification expiration dates. Your drivers are one of your company’s greatest assets — and one of its greatest potential liabilities. Relying on employees or annual records reviews to learn about a recent citation or DUI/DWI is risky business. Your ability to quickly identify new citations, unlicensed and high-risk drivers each month is your single most effective tool in reducing costly preventable accidents — and potentially expensive litigation and judgments.

The MVR System aggregates all information for a comprehensive review of individual driver performance. Each month concise reports identify new citations and actions and alerts management to the most critical driver behavior issues.

MVR Monitoring | Driver License Monitoring

In addition, utilizing a common coding system for violations, license status and crashes that goes beyond standard MVRs, our mvr system provides a single standardized “score” to assess individual driver performance independent of each state’s point system.

MVR Monitoring Features:

  • Highlights only those drivers with recent MVR activity and provides timely alerts.
  • Allows designation of driver type (CDL vs. non-CDL) for various reporting and status checks such as DOT medical certifications.
  • Monitors and reports on drivers by type, location, or division.
  • Provides immediate access to different MVR types, where available.
  • Sets policy for annual MVR purchases for your CDL drivers (manually, on date-of-hire, at a specific date, or dynamically).
  • Provides effective, efficient and rapid application of driver management policies across geographic or jurisdictional boundaries.
  • Schedules appropriate online driver training classes for high-risk drivers.
  • Summarizes all recent driver activity into a simple, user-friendly dashboard.
  • Archives reports and individual driver data in a secure database for viewing 24/7.
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