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Invalid Drug Test

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DOT Testing has very specific guidelines and we have no control over the process or results reporting. The MRO determines the final results and recommends follow up testing. The collection site takes the specimen per DOT guidelines and then sends it to the lab (ie Quest or Labcorp) which then performs validity testing to determine whether certain adulterants or foreign substances were added to the urine, if the urine was diluted, or if the specimen was substituted.
A test can be marked invalid for numerous reasons that include:
— Insufficient quantity of testing sample
— Faulty test or procedures
— Adulteration of sample
— Specific Medications
— Dilution of sample
— Substitution of sample
If the laboratory and MRO decide that no further testing of the sample is necessary, then the MRO will contact the donor to inform them that the test results were invalid. They will also interview the donor to determine if there is a medical explanation for the invalid test. The process will require the donor to provide a list of medications they are currently taking. If the donor can provide a legitimate reason that explains the invalid test, the MRO declares that no further testing is required even though the test was canceled.

If no appropriate explanation is offered, then the MRO will report the test canceled, and the donor will be required to take another test, under the direct observation of a laboratory employee.