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DQ File Information

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What is required in a CDL Driver File?

  1. Employment Application
  2. Signed Driver Authorization
  3. Medical Examiner’s Certificate (ME verified on National Registry)
  4. Copy of Driver’s License
  5. Initial MVR (3 YR)
  6. Annual MVR Report (3 YR)
  7. Annual Review of MVR by Manager
  8. PSP Report (not required but recommended)
  9. Annual Clearinghouse Query Report
  10. Pre-Employment Drug & Alcohol Test Results
  11. Random Drug Testing Enrollment Certificate
  12. Drug & Alcohol Testing Policy
  13. Previous Employer Verification (3 years or 10 years for applicants who operate a vehicle with a GVWR/GCWR of 26,000 pounds or more)
  14. Entry-Level Training (Required for drivers with less than 1 YR experience)

🚨 FMCSA Updates:

— Certificate of Violations (COV): As of 05-09-22, carriers will NOT be required to request the Record of Violations from drivers. Carriers must retain the COV collected before the effective date for three years from the document date.

 Carriers will be required to run MVRs for drivers licensed in Canada and Mexico.

 MVR must be processed from each driver’s licensing authority from which a driver holds or has held a CMV license or permit.

 The DOT application for employment will now require the driver to list each driver’s licensing authority of active CMV licenses or permits.