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DOT Compliance

Driver Qualification File (DQF) — Keep one for the last 3 years


The FMCSA requires that trucking companies must keep a driver qualification file for every driver. Owner-operators are required to fulfill the requirements of both the employer and carrier. 


  1. Employee application (this must contain the mandatory information).
  2. Entry level driver training (if required).
  3. Road Test or equivalent.
  4. Past employment checked when hired.
  5. Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) for every state you held a commercial license or permit.
  6. MVR for the previous three years.
  7. MVR Review — Every year you have to review the MVRs and note who did the review and the date, and identify any violations of FMCSA regulations.
  8. Record of Violations — A list of any violations in the previous 12 months. You need this even if you have no violations (but parking tickets do not have to be included).
  9. A copy of your commercial driver’s license (CDL).
  10. Medical Examiners Certificate (or copy), which is valid for up to 24 months.
  11. A note verifying that the Medical Examiner was on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners List.
  12. Negative drug test result.
  13. Enrolled in a random drug test consortium.
  14. Registered in the DOT Clearinghouse and have a designated TPA for reporting violations. provides assistance with all of the above information to help owner/operators stay DOT Compliant. We provide a consortium drug testing program and we are registered as a TPA in the Clearinghouse. We also provide an application called DriverManager that will assist owners in maintaining all required DQF files.

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