MVR – Motor Vehicle Report

Motor Vehicle ReportMVR – Motor Vehicle Report

Why run a Business MVR Report? In some states, convictions for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs cannot be found on the criminal court record and can only be revealed with a MVR examination. Our System provides instant (49 of 50 states), online access to your employee driving records from the local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The State DMV mandates what is reported on the driving records. Driving records made simple with our easy to use online ordering system. The MVR Report queries the applicant’s State DMV and provides a 3 to 7 year driving history on the applicant. Out of state driving related charges and vehicle-related crimes are frequently included on the report. Need your drivers to enter their own information and sign the release then you can use our QuickApp feature to send them a secure processing link. Custom MVR Adjudication and MVR Monitoring Services available upon request.

MVRcheck.comTM customers can order online motor vehicle records (MVRs) for employment screening, annual DOT compliance, or other authorized employment or insurance purposes. Companies with employees that operate a motor vehicle for business purposes can reduce risk and keep operating costs low by using Motor Vehicle Records when screening prospective employees. By identifying high risk drivers, Motor Vehicle Records can help your company improve safety and reduce liability and insurance expenses. In addition to pre–employment screening, industries can use these records for underwriting and rating of personal and commercial automobile insurance. The average cost on a negligent entrustment lawsuit currently ranges from $1 Million to $3 Million dollars, an employee operating a company vehicle with an invalid driver’s license is a quick way for an organization to find itself involved in litigation. Roughly 7% of all drivers in the U.S are currently operating vehicles without a valid driver’s license. 

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MVR Report | Motor Vehicle Report | MVRMotor Vehicle Reports Include: 
  • Candidate’s Driving History for a selected period
  • Driving History varies by State (3, 5, 7, 10 Years)
  • Speeding or other moving violations
  • Chargeable accidents
  • DUI offenses
  • Suspension or revocations
  • Accumulation of points
  • Drivers License Number
  • Data from all 50 states

Search Fee for USA: $13.95 – $39.95 (Volume Pricing Available)

StateYears ReportedReport TimePrice 
Alabama3 YRInstant$17.95
Alaska3 YRInstant$19.95
Arizona3 YRInstant$15.95
Arizona5 YRInstant$18.95
Arkansas3 YRInstant$19.95
Arkansas (CDL Only)5 YRInstant$22.95
California3 YRInstant$15.95
Colorado7 YRInstant$13.95
Connecticut3 YRInstant$29.95
CDLIS Check----Instant$9.95
Delaware3 YRInstant$34.95
District of Columbia (DC)3 YRInstant$25.95
District of Columbia (DC)10YRInstant$29.95
Florida 3 YRInstant$18.95
Florida7 YRInstant$20.95
Georgia 3 YRInstant$17.95
Georgia7 YRInstant$19.95
Hawaii3 YRInstant$33.95
Idaho3 YRInstant$20.95
Illinois3 YRInstant$22.95
Indiana3 YRInstant$18.95
Iowa3 YRInstant$18.95
Kansas3 YRInstant$19.95
Kentucky3 YRInstant$15.95
Louisiana3 YRInstant$25.95
Maine 3 YRInstant$18.00
Maine10 YRInstant$22.95
Maryland3 YRInstant$19.95
Massachusetts3 YRInstant$19.00
Michigan3 YRInstant$19.95
Minnesota5 YRInstant$16.95
Mississippi3 YRInstant$22.95
Missouri3 YRInstant$15.95
Montana3 YRInstant$18.00
Nebraska3 YRInstant$15.00
Nevada3 YRInstant$18.00
New Hampshire3 YRInstant$20.95
New Jersey3 YRInstant$20.95
New Mexico3 YRInstant$15.95
New York3 YRInstant$18.00
New York (CDL Only)7 YRInstant$19.00
North Carolina7 YRInstant$19.00
North Dakota3 YRInstant$15.00
Ohio3 YR1 Hour$17.95
Oklahoma3 YRInstant$39.95
Oregon3 YRInstant$19.95
Pennsylvania10 YR2 Bus. Days$24.95
Rhode Island3 YRInstant$30.95
South Carolina 3 YRInstant$16.95
South Carolina10 YRInstant$18.95
South Dakota3 YRInstant$16.95
Tennessee3 YRInstant$18.95
Texas 3 YRInstant$18.95
Texas (CDL Only)5 YRInstant$20.95
Utah3 YRInstant$19.95
Utah (CDL Only)5 YRInstant$22.95
Vermont3 YRInstant$25.00
Virginia3 YRInstant$18.00
West Virginia3 YRInstant$20.95
Wisconsin3 YRInstant$17.00
Washington3 YRInstant$20.95
Wyoming 3 YRInstant$15.95
Wyoming (CDL Only)10 YRInstant$18.95
Ontario3 YRInstant$29.95
British Columbia5 YR15 Bus. Days$34.95
New Brunswick3 YRInstant$34.95
Nova Scotia3 YRInstant$39.95
Quebec3 YR21 Bus. Days$34.95
Crash & Inspection3/5 YRSame Day$19.95
DOT - Urine7 Panel3 to 5 Bus. Days$69.95
NON-DOT - Urine5 Panel3 Bus. Days$59.95
DOT Alcohol - BreathBAT3 Bus. Days$59.95
DOT PhysicalExam3 Bus. Days$89.95
Random TestingPool3 Bus. Days$89.95 YR
$149.95 for 2 YR
$199.00 for 3 YR
DOT Verifications3 YR3 Bus. Days$16.95 ea.
Online ApplicationForm3 Bus. Days$FREE

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quick-app-UPDUse our new QuickApp feature to have your drivers enter their own information and digitally sign a consent form. Per request, we can provide a custom job application form and link for your company that will allow applicants to apply for various jobs, submit their driver background screening and e-sign the consent form.

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