Managing Commercial Driver Risk During A Pandemic

The pandemic crisis has halted the majority of businesses worldwide with the exception of the transportation industry. Luckily, trucking was deemed an essential business and the nation’s truckers have been on the road delivering food, medicine, fuel and other vital supplies. Furthermore, the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) took additional steps to make more truck drivers available to haul essential supplies by exempting certain hours of service rules and CDL licensing suspensions.

With an increasing number of commercial drivers on the road, its important for companies to perform their due diligence in assessing their drivers’ risk by ordering driving history records (mvrs).

Employee driving records can greatly help employers identify and mitigate risk liability in the workplace. Driving Records can help employers avoid risk of lawsuits, medical bills, and other costs associated with accidents by an employee on the job.

MVR Driving History mostly repeats itself. If a company runs an MVR check it would be able to predict the chances of any negative activity happening in the future. Moreover, insurance companies focus on several factors in determining auto insurance rates and their premiums are sometimes based on driving history records. If a company employs drivers with a negative driving history, it can be charged with higher premiums by the insurance company. Knowing about MVR driving records helps companies safeguard themselves from higher premiums.

What is included in an MVR Check?
• License Status
• Points (certain states)
• Expiration Date
• Suspensions
• Revocations
• Violations and Sanctions
• Medical Certificate Info

The DOT requires a new MVR of each driver every 12 months ;however, recommends at least a quarterly check of each driver to provide comprehensive risk management.

The Ordering System is a real-time system that allows companies to easily access driving records from all 50 states. A company can utilize one account to manage their entire fleet of nationwide drivers. is a national company that provides driver risk management services that includes Driving Records, DOT Drug Testing, FMCSA PSP Driving Records, DOT Employment Verifications, DOT ClearingHouse Services and DQ File Management. Contact [email protected] for product and service information.

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