What are tasks and how can I use them?

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It is very simple to create and assign tasks to various items and users within the MVRCloud platform. Let’s say – for example – that you have a permit requiring you to audit a machine every week. You simply create a recurring task that’s linked to that permit.

To do this, simply select your permit, then towards the bottom of the permit details page you will see “Add Related Task”.  Just click that and you can add a task to any permit – it’s that easy!

Now keep in mind, you can associate tasks with most items inside MVRCloud including Employees, Assets, Safety Data Sheets, and much more!

For recurring tasks, simply look down at the bottom of the form above the “Save” button and you will see “Occurrence Rule”. This is a simple drop-down allowing you to assign the task to reoccur weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

MVRCloud will send you email and dashboard notifications of tasks when they are due soon or when they are overdue to ensure you and your team stay on the ball.

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