How do I add a custom binder to an employee?

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To create a custom binder:

1. Within your Settings main menu, under the Organization column, click on Employee Binders.
2. Click on Add New Employee Binder.
3. Input your binder information and upload a template file if necessary.
4. Then click Save.
5. Now you can assign your new custom binder to any employee (See steps below).

Tip: Add as many custom binders as you need and they will show up in the drop down when trying to add a binder to an employee.

To assign your new custom binder to an employee’s driver qualification file:

1. Within your Employees main menu, click on Active Employees.
2. Click on the name of the employee you would like to add your new custom binder to.
3. Then, click Add Binder to Employee’s Qualification File.
4. Select your new binder from the File drop down menu.
5. Set an expiration date and upload a document file if necessary.
6. Click Add Binder Item.

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