FAA Pilot MVR Checks

FAA MVR ChecksFAA MVR Check –  MVRs support real-time transactions, improve business efficiency, and reduces risk for your company by streamlining and integrating the MVR ordering process. Our MVRs are an instantly accessible lower-cost MVR for your pilots screening and risk management needs. MVRs are available for many states. Our suite of MVR data products include state provided 3, 5, 7 and 10-year driver records. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) DUI compliance program was established in November of 1990 by a Congressional Act. The final rule was published in the Federal Register on August 1, 1990 and was codified in Federal Aviation Regulations Parts 61 and 67. The final rule sets forth regulations under which the FAA may deny an application for, suspend or revoke, an airman certificate or rating if an individual has had two or more alcohol-related motor vehicle convictions or state motor vehicle administrative actions within a 3-year period. 


FAA Reporting Requirements

faa-logoUnder 14 CFR 61.15, all pilots must send a Notification Letter to FAA’s Security and Investigations Division within 60 calendar days of the effective date of an alcohol and/or drug related conviction or administrative action. In 14 CFR 61.15(c), alcohol and/or drug related convictions or administrative actions refer to motor vehicle actions (MVA).

The National Driver Register (NDR) is a computerized database of information about United States drivers who have had their driver’s licenses revoked or suspended, or who have been convicted of serious traffic violations, such as driving under the influence or drugs or alcohol.The records are added and maintained and deleted by the motor vehicle agency (MVA) of the state that convicted the driver or withdrew the driver’s license. State motor vehicle agencies provide NDR with the names of individuals who have lost their privilege or who have been convicted of a serious traffic violation. When a person applies for a driver’s license the state checks to see if the name is on the NDR file. If a person has been reported to the NDR as a problem driver, the license may be denied.

When a person applies for a driver’s license, either as a new applicant or as a renewing applicant in a participating state, the state MVA must check if the name is on the NDR’s Problem Driver Pointer System (PDPS) (as required by federal regulation—see 23 CFR 1327.5(b)(1)). If a person has been reported to the NDR by any state as a “problem driver”, the prospective licensing state must investigate the driver’s history from the state that added the NDR record. Depending on the results of the investigation and the state’s own laws, the prospective licensing state may be required to deny the license. Thus, this “PDPS check” enables the state MVAs to prevent someone with a suspended or revoked driver’s license in one state from obtaining a driver’s license in another state. The PDPS check also makes it harder for a person to obtain more than one driver’s license at any one time.

You can check your Company Pilots current State License via our system to determine their 3Year driving history. This service is NOT available for individuals – only Companies. Batch Ordering available.

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