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GPS Vehicle TrackingCompanies with fleets large and small are using GPS tracking to reduce operating costs and improve efficiency. MVRcheck GPS fleet trackers (Powered by LinxUP) help companies with small or large fleets significantly reduce their operating costs. You get information at your fingertips to improve fleet performance. The system provides you With once-a-minute tracking when your vehicle or asset is moving and once-an-hour tracking when your vehicle or asset is stopped. Our real-time GPS vehicle tracking software allows you to monitor your fleet’s performance using your PC or your smartphone.

Reduce Fuel Usage & Idling – Find out how the Linxup GPS system can reduce fuel usage in your fleet by as much as 20%.
Improve Fleet Performance –  Improve driving behavior. Quickly identify the closest vehicle to customer locations. Linxup streamlines your fleet.
Increase Driver Safety – Monitor unsafe behaviours such as speeding. We give you tools to improve performance and reduce liability risk.
Deliver Better Service – Linxup lets you respond to customers faster and improve service times. Use GPS tracking to serve more customers each day.

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