eCCF Approved for Drug Testing

eCCF Approved for Drug Testing

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To our valued clients and partners,

Today marks another exciting achievement for Alere eScreen®, with the Department of Transportation (DOT) announcing its approval to use the electronic chain of custody form (eCCF) for regulated drug testing.

eScreen eCCF® was introduced to the industry more than 15 years ago. We have maintained a long-standing goal to receive DOT approval for our eCCF solution and have worked diligently to drive adoption of this technology in more than 3,000 clinic locations across the United States in anticipation of its approval.

Although the approval has finally come, we still have work to do. We are coordinating with all of our laboratory partners to ensure that they have the data required to complete their inspections in order to begin using eCCFs for DOT-regulated testing. As the laboratories receive their approval, we will enable our eCCF for customers that utilize them.

Many more details related to implementation steps will follow. Alere eScreen is committed to bringing this long-awaited solution to our DOT customers and clinics as quickly as possible. Today, we are pleased to share with our clients the approval of this market-changing technology.