ACD Code Search

ACD Code Search

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The ACD Codes are used by the states’ motor vehicle and licensing agencies to identify, translate, and communicate convictions and reasons for withdrawals. The ACD Codes are an integral part of the communications between the states using the Commercial Driver License Information System (CDLIS) and the Problem Driver Pointer System (PDPS).

In practice, states will often display an ACD on driving records to indicate out-of-state convictions. Some states even have incorporated the three-character ACD Codes within their own conviction and even reflect the ACD Code system as their primary conviction code table. So, knowing what a specific ACD Code means can be a helpful indication of what a state’s lingo for an MVR conviction or action means. Plus the knowledge of what a specific ACD Code means can be a very helpful indication when deciphering the meaning of a conviction or withdrawal action.

An ACD code is a three-character code composed of an alphabetic character and two numeric characters (e.g., “S15” is the code for “Speeding 15 or more mph above the speed limit”). The type of conviction or reason for the withdrawal is qualified by the Conviction Offense Detail field; the Withdrawal Reason ACD Detail Field; and the CMV, Hazmat, and Citation CDL Holder Indicators.

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