DriverManager is the easiest to use compliance program on the market. It is very intuitive, and users generally do not need any training.

Below are some quick tips on using the program:

TIP: Click anywhere on the sections to access detailed information.

ALERTS: This will count the number of Expired Drivers’ Licenses, Certificate of Violations (COV), Annual MVR, and Medical Card. In addition, it will count the missing DQ items for each driver.

WARNINGS: This will count any DL, MVR, COV and MedCards that are expiring within the next 30 days.

DRIVERS: This will count all ACTIVE drivers in the company.

COMPLIANCE: This provides an overall average compliance number for all drivers.

QuickView Drivers – Quickly see a summary of important driver information. Click anywhere on the Driver row to access that drivers detailed file. Click the Driver Details report name to get quickly sort on pre-configured criteria.

Click the box next to Name to get the EDIT, PRINT and EXPORT Options.

TIP: Click the eye icon to SHOW/HIDE columns

If a driver is Non-Compliant the section will be highlighted in Red and if the driver is Compliant the section will be Green. In addition, DQ Items (DL#, MVR, MedCard, COV) that expire within the next 30 days will be highlighted in Yellow.

Driver Details | QuickView Drivers

Driver Details you will see a detailed report of all your drivers. Click on the Driver name or any section in the driver row and additional detailed information will open. You can then click EDIT to edit the Driver File or you can print it.

Click the down arrow on the Report Name (see below) – you can now quickly sort all your drivers based on the criteria listed.

MVR SERVICES – You must have a separate business account setup at MVRcheck.com to order MVRs, PSP, DOT Employment Verifications and Drug Screenings and Driver Training.

Helpful guides and forms are available for download.

You can access the FMCSA Safer and Registration systems directly from your account.

Under HELP – you have access to this QuickStart Help Guide and can Submit a Support Request and Feature Request.

Select MY ACCOUNT – Users to add additional account users. The users will receive an emailed invite link to create a password and login. You can select STANDARD user which will have access to manage drivers for your Account or you can select DOT Auditor which will allow the Auditor to access your account remotely for compliance Auditing. The DOT Auditor account can view and download your records but cannot make changes. Once the Auditor is done just make their Account Inactive.

If you no longer want a user to have access to login then change their STATUS from Active to Inactive.

Select Add Task to keep track of action items that you need for drivers ie. Jon Snow – get copy of drivers license and upload to DriverManager – Due Date: 05/31/2019.

Note: 30 Day Warnings and Expirations will automatically create Tasks so you can easily track what needs to be completed to stay compliant.

Select SEND MAIL to email Compliance Reports to non-APP users.

Compliance Reports are eMailed every Monday to all your Account Users. You can also add any email address that you would like to receive these weekly reports. You can easily remove emailed reports by click the red x next to the address. The compliance reports emailed will be the Alerts and 30 Day Warning.


What is PULSE?

PULSE is the compliance reading (%) for your driver. If your driver has no expired DQ ITEMS (MVR, COV, DL or MedCard) and has all DQ Items on file then his PULSE would be 100%. If his MVR is expired then his PULSE might be 84%.

File and Photo Attachments:

Size Limits: When a user accesses from a web browser, a file upload field accepts a file of size up to 50 MB. When a user accesses from a phone or tablet, a file upload field accepts a file of size up to 5 MB.

For any questions or problems please select HELPSubmit Support Request