Driver Manager – Driver Qualification File

Driver Manager - Driver Qualification technology simplifies the Driver Qualification File process with advanced, automated tools. Reduce risk, minimize the chance of heavy penalties for non-compliance and stay current with required documentation. MVRcheck DQF services are customizable for receiving regular updates, locating and tracking files electronically, sending alerts when files become outdated, maintaining balance between confidentiality and file accessibility from multiple locations, centralizing your documentation and reducing the amount of tedious paper files. Easily Manage all your drivers from your account dashboard. Clients can use either or both options to manager their drivers – MVR DQF and MVR QuickAPP.

MVR DQF Features:

  • Complete integration with our full suite of service offerings.
  • Single source login for your DQF, Drug Testing and Physical Exam Management programs.
  • Identical electronic images of each record.
  • Catalog each record based on custom specifications such as division, location, driver name or identification number.
  • Standardized, centralized and instantly accessible online filing system of all records.
  • Advance notification of upcoming document expiration dates.
  • Exception Reports that detail all missing information.
  • Online Status Reports for convenient monitoring of overall company compliance.
  • 24-hour, real-time access to all of your documents through secure and easy-to-use Internet browser-based applications.
  • Ability to print documents on demand.

Clients can also utilize our FREE Applicant Tracking feature called QuickAPP which allows a secure ordering link to be emailed to the applicant. The applicant enters their own background check information and electronically signs the release forms thereby saving the employer time. QuickAPP is a mobile friendly form that the applicant can complete from any device. The employer can easily track and manage all applicants from their online account. Once the applicant completes the form the system automatically processes the background check and notifies the employer.

Employers can streamline the application process by providing a simple, powerful and customizable online application form or background screening questionnaire.

MVR QuickAPP Features:

MVR Applicant Tracking

  • Secure Online Background Application.
  • Collect personal identifiers directly from applicant.
  • Reduce exposure to discrimination lawsuits and identity theft.
  • View, process and print applications in real-time.
  • Mobile friendly Responsive Form.
  • Avoid transcription and duplicate order entry errors.
  • Attach any documents, such as resume, to application form.
  • Automatic email notifications on status of each applicant.
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